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Dubai is a term that signifies luxury. With nearly 15 million visitors, this city has transformed from a little desert village to a thriving town. 

Dubai is a destination that every travel enthusiast should visit because of its first-rate architecture, fantastic sights, shopping, desert safaris, and more. 

As per Forbes, Dubai is one of the top 10 most visited cities in the world and has plenty to offer everyone. 

With an increasing number of visitors each year, this Middle Eastern beauty can confidently claim to be one of the best cities in the world.

Dubai Tourist Visa Types

Visa Application Travel Form Concept

The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides a variety of visas to people wishing to enter the nation. 

People with a tourist visa are only permitted to participate in a smaller range of activities in Dubai than those with a tourist visa. The various types of tourist visas available are shown below:

14-day tourist visa for Dubai

As its name suggests, this visa enables travelers to stay in the UAE for 14 days. It is perfect for someone who wants to discover all the city has to offer but only has a short amount of time to do so. 

No travel is authorized after the two-month validity duration of the visa. From the day they arrive in Dubai, visitors can stay there for 14 days.

30-day tourist visa for Dubai

This is intended for someone who wants to stay in Dubai longer. A 30-day stay is allowed, and the holder of the visa is permitted to visit other cities in the United Arab Emirates. 

For travel from India to Dubai, a visa can only be obtained through a local sponsor. This visa’s validity may be extended for ten days under specific rules and conditions.

Although other types of visas are available, visitors to Dubai who only intend to visit can select between these two choices. 

A multiple-entry visa is an option for people who must visit the city at various times during a specific time.

Dubai Tourist Visa Fees

Visa Application Travel Form Concept

For travel from India to Dubai, a visa can only be obtained through a local sponsor. This might be a relative, friend, travel agency, or hotel. Contacting a Dubai tour guide to complete the visa application is typically better. 

Depending on the agency one visits, there can be a difference in the cost of a tourist visa for Dubai. The average fee range for a Dubai tourist visa is shown below.

  • 14-day visa – Rs.5,800 to Rs.6,500
  • 30-day visa – Rs.6,100 to Rs.7,000

Note: the prices listed above represent the average cost of obtaining a visa from authorized travel agents. If one has friends or family in the UAE who can apply on their behalf, it may be possible to obtain a visa for a more affordable price.

Usually, all applicable taxes and service fees are included in this pricing.

Specific organizations provide Express Visa options, which expedite the visa application procedure. 

This is perfect if you need to travel to Dubai right away. The Express Visa fee that organizations charge is shown in the table below.

  • 14 day visa – Rs.6,500 to Rs.7,400
  • 30 day visa – Rs.6,700 to Rs.7,700

People may occasionally be required to provide a security deposit of a particular amount. 

When the person departs the country, they receive a refund for this sum. The money usually appears in your account within five business days.

Documents needed for a Dubai Tourist visa

Those who require a tourist visa to visit Dubai must present the following documentation:


The applicant must possess a current passport showing their nationality. The passport must be provided in scanned form. 

A minimum of six months of passport validity is required to process a visa application. Include the first and last passport pages. 

Black and white copies of the scanned documents may not be accepted; the manuscripts should be in color.

Application form

Applicants must complete the visa application form. Additionally, the state needs to be signed. 

People should note that the information is accurate because inaccuracies could cause delays.


A current photo of the candidate must be attached to the application. The image must be in color and no older than six months. 

They must submit a color photo no older than six months. It has to abide by the rules that the government has established.


The application should include the trip schedule. The travel dates, a copy of the tickets, and information about the hotel where a person is scheduled to stay should all be included. 

This must show the authorities that the applicant intends to leave the country without delay and has made all the required arrangements.

Financial information

In most situations, this is not necessary. Although it is rarely required, it is safer to maintain the knowledge close at hand. 

If officials have concerns about an applicant’s financial situation or ability to make a living in the country on a limited budget, they may raise this question.

Proof of address

Once more, this question is only sometimes asked. The question may be raised when the applicant’s present permanent residence address differs from their nationality.

Depending on the specific applicant, authorities may also request documents besides those stated above. It is essential to have access to all additional relevant information in circumstances like this.

Final Words

Suppose you had requested a tourist visa for Dubai but had not used it. After that, you must have it cancelled by an OTA before reapplying for a UAE visa.

If you previously applied for an employment visa through a company in the UAE but have yet to use it. In this situation, for you to file for a new Dubai visa, the PRO of the same company must first cancel your current visa.

Enjoy your Dubai trip with the best Dubai Tour Guide with a Dubai travel book.



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Visa Application Travel Form Concept

Dubai Visa

Dubai is a term that signifies luxury. With nearly 15 million visitors, this city has transformed from a little desert village to a thriving town. 


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