Founder Shahrukh Khan


My name is Shahrukh Khan (not the very famous Shahrukh Khan……smile). However, I am a creative, forward-thinking, and talented IT professional with a mission to add value to the lives of others.

I am the Founder and CEO of Web Technology Expert, LLC. In 2022, our firm decided to expand its reach and is currently pursuing business opportunities in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Our goal is to continue to help individuals and small businesses across the globe.

Our services include web design (Internet & Intranet), E-Commerce Development, MS 365 / Power Apps / SharePoint Roadmap, Candidate Search Support, and Graphic Design. Our team is dedicated to helping companies create technology solutions to meet their needs.

Web Technology Expert began with three basic ideas in mind:

  • Bring quality, integrity, and reliability to the IT services field for our customers.
  • Deliver customers what they desire and help them tell their story, enhance their brand, and increase their sales.
  • Connect like-minded professionals and businesses together using technology.

This approach worked. Customers found that their business performance improved while enhancing their Brand. This upstart company delivered better value, more advanced solutions, and better service than some of its more established competitors. Web Technology Expert is a trusted partner and can be counted on to drive business success.

God Speed and Blessings,

Shahrukh Khan 

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