4 Amazing Secrets to How To Get Work In Dubai In 2023

4 Secrets to get job in Dubai

Did you know that about 90% of Dubai’s labor comprises migrants? It truly is a global workplace and economy.

7.8 million of its 9.2 million people are migrants. 3.42 million, or around 30% of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) workforce, are Indian ex-pats.

Given that Dubai provides everything from tax-free income to a secure living environment and attractive salaries, it’s simple to see why Indian nationals rush to the country and want to know how to get work in Dubai.

The obvious question then is, “Why?” Why do so many Indians desire to How get work in Dubai in search of employment?

Fortunately, the Dubai travel book guide offers the solution.

Here, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand why working in Dubai is so well-liked and how to get ready to work there from India.

1. Only apply for a few positions.

Secrets to get job in Dubai

This will either seem apparent or illogical to you; either way, it’s a critical point, and that’s why we’re beginning here.

The most common belief is that the more job applications you submit, the better your chances of getting an interview.

Unfortunately, this is not the case; applying for too many jobs in Dubai can work against you.

The fundamental reason for this is that recruiters in Dubai are tasked with sourcing extremely particular talent for specific tasks.

Businesses in Dubai prefer to employ people with the necessary expertise, abilities, and practice.

This means that applicants must be able to demonstrate to recruiters and hiring teams that they can provide everything needed.

You can’t be a good fit for every career or even the bulk of the jobs, so don’t waste your time searching for them.

2. Collaborate with a Dubai recruiter

Secrets to get job in Dubai

Most businesses in Dubai choose to recruit businesses to assist them in filling their positions, which is why there are so many successful recruitment agencies in Dubai.

The absolute best recruiters in Dubai will have spent years establishing connections with hiring managers and HR teams, many of whom they will have placed into posts!

If you want access to the top job chances in Dubai, you should get to know one or two exceptional recruiters.

A competent recruiter will help you find your first job in Dubai and assist you in gaining promotions if you keep a solid relationship with them.

Which recruiters should you use?

The problem is that Dubai is overflowing with recruitment experts and firms.

Which should you approach, and with whom should you collaborate?

When determining which Dubai recruiters to work with, keep the following characteristics in mind:

  • Locate a Dubai recruiter with a reputable and well-established recruiting firm.
  • One knowledgeable about your sector knows your function and has a strong network.
  • One is willing to meet with you in person or, at the very least, speak with you over the phone or via video conference.

If you choose the appropriate recruiters at this point in your Dubai job search of “How to Get work in Dubai,” you can considerably improve your chances of obtaining a decent post, shorten your search time and advance your Dubai profession.

3. Customize your CV for each job application.

Secrets to get job in Dubai

You won’t be applying for hundreds of jobs; you’ll just be applying for jobs that are a good fit for you.

You may spend a little extra time on each job application; it’s a quality-over-quantity strategy, and believe me, it helps.

Instead of applying 10-20 times a day on Dubai job websites and LinkedIn, you’ll identify 1-2 truly outstanding roles in the businesses you want to work for and make sure your CV and application are on point!

To ensure your CV is customized for the Dubai business, begin by getting an ATS-friendly CV template with an area for each of the essential sections:

  • Top of the page, with name and contact details.
  • A one-line description of your role that may be tailored to each application.
  • A professional profile section that highlights what you can provide to the role rather than what you hope to gain from it.
  • A section on areas of expertise or selected successes supported by facts and numbers.

4. Join LinkedIn

Secrets to get job in Dubai

LinkedIn is the best asset for Dubai job hunters.

Most Hr managers and recruiters in Dubai use LinkedIn. This is likely because around 50% of the population uses the business networking platform.

When a firm or recruiter is looking for talent in Dubai, they look to LinkedIn.

So, to find a job in Dubai, you must be on LinkedIn and ensure that your LinkedIn profile is filled out.

When creating or modifying your LinkedIn profile for your Dubai job search, remember that recruiters and HR teams will look for you using keywords.

The relevant terms people search for should be included in your About section, Headline, and Experience section.

Don’t just keyword dump, though; make sure everything you write makes sense, reads well, and is in context.

If you are now in Dubai and maybe soon, update your address to Dubai and provide your Dubai phone number and an expert email address.

Make sure you have a great-looking LinkedIn profile and a well-designed banner image to give yourself the best chance of being found and striking out on LinkedIn.

Use LinkedIn to connect if you genuinely want to employ it to help you obtain a job in Dubai.

Building contacts has helped many people obtain amazing jobs in Dubai.

Dubai is a strong relational culture; individuals prefer to network, and it is frequently claimed that who you know in Dubai is more important than what you know.

Final Words

From How to get work in Dubai to Finding a job in Dubai and having a meaningful career in the UAE does not have to be a difficult and time-consuming procedure.

Thousands of people do it every year, and we at Dubai travel book provide a proper Dubai tour guide.


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