Dubai Freelance Visa And Permit: Eligibility & Requirements

Dubai Freelancer Visa

The Dubai government developed the Dubai freelance visa in response to the global workforce change, rise in freelance activity, and desire to be self-employed.


But what is a Dubai freelance visa?


The UAE has introduced freelancing visas for various categories to attract creative minds to the country.

Continue reading the blog to learn how to get a Dubai freelance visa.

What Is A Dubai Freelance Visa?

Dubai Freelancer Visa

Numerous free zones in Dubai and the rest of the UAE grant freelance permits to Indian nationals. You don’t need a sponsor or to be employed by any UAE organization to obtain a freelance permit. 

It resembles a work permit for independent contractors in the UAE.

Indian nationals are eligible to apply for a license or permission that would allow them to work as independent contractors in Dubai full-time. 

Free zone authorities like the TECOM Group and twofour54, among others, provide freelance licenses.

You can qualify for a Dubai freelance visa with a freelance permit. Since the freelancing visa in Dubai is a form of residency in the UAE, you are permitted to live and work there for one to five years with your family. 

Nationals of UAE, citizens of the UAE, residents, and non-residents can all obtain a freelance license.

What Can You Do With A Dubai freelance visa?

The person with a Dubai freelance visa has a freelance permit, allowing them to operate in multiple business sectors. 

If they have a freelance license for their particular industry, they can:

  • UAE or Dubai employment is possible.
  • You can provide services to both individuals and companies.
  • You can perform independent contractor work for both people and companies.
  • You can collaborate with government organizations.
  • You may demand payment for your services and employment.

What Does A Dubai Freelance Permit Entail?

Dubai Freelancer Permit

Indian nationals who want to work as independent contractors in Dubai or the UAE must obtain a permit there. Permits for working as a freelancer are offered in a particular free zone. 

Indian nationals, for instance, can get a freelancing license in Dubai through GoFreelance for various design, technology, media, and educational activities.

Similar to this, other free zones provide various activities to select from. And in Dubai, a freelance visa can be applied for using these licenses. 

However, citizens of the UAE and other countries must apply for a distinct type of freelance visa in Dubai:

For Non-UAE Citizens:

You need a freelance permit if you are currently a citizen of the UAE and are there on your spouse’s or parents’ visa. 

If you have a full-time job in the UAE and want to work independently, you can apply for a freelance permit.

Although working for someone does not require sponsorship in Dubai or the UAE, your employer will need a No Objection Certificate (NOC). 

A NOC is also necessary if you choose to operate as a freelancer part-time. Additionally, citizens of the UAE or Dubai do not need to renounce their residency permission to obtain a freelance permit.

Everyone is qualified for freelance permission and a freelance visa, as was already stated. Additionally, the Dubai freelance visa can be changed into a Dubai residency permit, allowing the person to live and work there.

Who Can Get A Dubai Freelance Visa?

A bachelor’s degree or specialist diploma is required of the applicant. Moreover, they need to show that they made at least AED 360,000 (about INR 75 lakh) in the past two years.

However, a person’s eligibility depends on whether they work as a qualified professional. You might, for instance, operate in any of the following sectors or businesses to be eligible for a Dubai freelance permit:

Talent Pass:

The “Talent Pass” is a license introduced by the Dubai Airport Freezone of Dubai and is comparable to the freelance support Dubai.

The talent pass is open to people who want to pursue a freelance career in the arts, entertainment, education, media, marketing, consulting, and technology.

The people must first acquire their Talent Pass, which is reissued annually. 

The applicant may apply for a residence visa after receiving the Talent Pass. They can then practice in the professions listed on the Talent Pass.

Bankers and financial experts:

You can qualify for a freelance position with the Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development if you are a professional in the fields of accounting and auditing, analyzing and reviewing accounting and auditing systems, providing Shariah consultancy for Islamic financial institutions’ transactions, and tax consultations.


Through Dubai Media City, professionals with various media-related jobs can apply for a Dubai freelance visa. There are about 45 categories open to professionals. 

Actors, aerial photography specialists, animators, artists, audio/sound engineers, brand consultants, camera operators, choreographers, commentators, composers, content creators, copywriters, directors, editors, event planners, graphic and furniture designers, journalists, market analysts, presenters, experts in print media, web designers, and other professionals are included.


Education advisors, e-learning advisors, executive coaches, researchers, and trainers fall under this category and are eligible to apply with Dubai Knowledge Park for a freelancing visa.

Professionals can apply for a one-year visa for Dh2,750 and a three-year visa for Dh5,000 through 

A freelancer’s license, an Establishment Card for 2,000 Dh, a UAE phone number, current health insurance, an original passport, and a passport photo are also needed.

For a starting price of Dh6,100, the Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone also grants freelance permits to educators.

IT specialists:

The freelancing visa is open to independent contractors in web, mobile, software development and architecture, IT and telecommunication networking, data science and analytics, and customer service.


By providing all necessary documentation, individuals in the Dubai Design District may apply for freelance positions as apparel designers, concept designers, fashion stylists, image consultants, fashion artists, hairstylists, interior designers, object designers, personal shoppers, textile designers, visual merchandisers, and wedding planners.

Final Words

Dubai Freelance Visa is one of the most excellent solutions for business owners and freelancers due to all the advantages and the simplicity of the visa application process.

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