Dubai’s Culinary Kaleidoscope: 30 Exquisite Dishes That Define the City’s Food Scene

Dubai's Culinary


1. Shawarma:

 A Middle Eastern classic, Dubai offers a variety of shawarma options, from chicken and beef to falafel.


2. Hummus:

 Creamy and flavorful, hummus is a popular dip made from chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and spices.


3. Arabic Mezze:

 Indulge in a spread of small dishes like tabbouleh, fattoush, baba ganoush, and stuffed grape leaves.


4. Emirati Machbous: 

A fragrant rice dish with tender meat, machbous is often made with lamb, chicken, or fish.



5. Falafel:

 Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, falafel is made from ground chickpeas or fava beans.




6. Biryani: 

A flavorful rice dish cooked
with aromatic spices, meat (chicken, mutton, or fish), and sometimes

7. Grilled Seafood:

 Enjoy fresh catches
like hammour, king prawns, or lobster, grilled to perfection with spices and


8. Manousheh: 


A Lebanese flatbread topped
with za’atar (a blend of herbs and spices) and sometimes cheese or minced meat.


9. Kunafa: 


A sweet pastry made of shredded
filo dough filled with cheese, soaked in sweet syrup, and often garnished with


10. Mandi:


 Slow-cooked fragrant rice served with tender, marinated meat (usually lamb or chicken) and a side of flavorful sauce.



11. Luqaimat: 


Bite-sized sweet dumplings drizzled with date syrup or honey and sprinkled with sesame seeds.


12. Iranian Chelo Kebab:


 Tender kebabs served with buttered saffron rice and grilled tomatoes.


13. Emirati Harees:


A savory porridge made with wheat and meat, often enjoyed during Ramadan.


14. Iranian Dizi: 


A hearty stew made with lamb, chickpeas, tomatoes, and spices, served with bread and traditional accompaniments.


15. Emirati Majboos :

 A spicy rice dish similar to biryani, often made with rice, meat (chicken, lamb, or fish), and dried limes


Chicken Mandi


16. Shawafel:


 A fusion of shawarma and falafel, featuring a combination of both meats in one flavorful wrap.


17. Iranian Gheimeh: 


A tangy stew made with split peas, tomatoes, and tender pieces of meat, served with saffron rice.


18. Emirati Balaleet:


 A sweet and savory breakfast dish consisting of vermicelli noodles cooked with sugar, saffron, and cardamom, topped with an omelette.


19. Chicken Mandi:


 A variation of the traditional mandi dish, featuring tender chicken cooked with aromatic spices and rice.


20. Iranian Zereshk Polo:


 A delicious combination of saffron-infused rice, barberries, and tender chicken

Iranian Zereshk Polo


21. Emirati Margoogat:


 A flavorful traditional dish made with meat, vegetables, and spices, cooked until tender and served with bread.


22. Emirati Saloona:


 A comforting meat and vegetable stew, often made with lamb or chicken, simmered in a flavorful tomato-based broth.


23. Iranian Koobideh:

 Skewers of seasoned ground meat, usually beef or lamb, grilled to perfection and served with saffron rice.


24. Emirati Thareed:

 A delectable combination of slow-cooked meat, vegetables, and spices, served over pieces of traditional bread.


25. Iranian Ghormeh



Sabzi: A herb-infused stew made with lamb or beef, cooked with kidney beans, dried limes, and other flavorful ingredients.


Iranian Ghormeh


26. Emirati Khameer Bread:

 Soft, slightly sweet bread often enjoyed with a variety of spreads like cheese, honey, or date syrup.


27. Iranian Baghali Polo:

 Fragrant rice cooked with dill and broad beans, often served with lamb or chicken.


28. Emirati Chabab Bread:

 Thin, round bread typically eaten with cheese, dates, or traditional Emirati dishes.

29. Iranian Fesenjan: 

A rich and tangy stew made with pomegranate molasses, ground walnuts, and chicken or meat.


30. Emirati Jisheed: 

A traditional Emirati dish made with cracked wheat, meat, and a blend of aromatic spices.


These dishes offer a diverse culinary experience in Dubai, showcasing the city’s multicultural influences and vibrant food scene.




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